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Special Projects

As we mentioned earlier in our web site, that we are a procurement agent in the USA for the Egyptian Military and Government Procurment Office in Washington, DC. We are involved with procurement of items such as Sugar; Edible Oils; MRAPS; New Tires; Sniper Rifles; Dopplar Radar; Drilling Rigs; Diesel Generators; New helmets; IFF Systems; Spiral Welded pipe; Steel Beams; Street Sweepers; Water Filtration Systems; New machine Tools; LTL; Truckload; Rail and Ship Transportation inside the USA thru to Egypt; Metallurgical Coal and Coke;  NextMetals Nano Ti, just to name a few items. These items are required to be procured from manufacturers in the USA if at all possible. RAAR Group USA has the infrastructure and supply chain in place to help Countries such as Egypt, and we have the same infrastructure in place to help your firm. 

We have many members that work with us on a global basis when required. no client is too small, and no client is too large for us to work hard to obtain their business! No matter who you are we value any opportunity to work with you! 


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