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  • Next Metal List of Products
  • Next Metal List of Products
  • Next Metal List of Products
  • Next Metal List of Products

Next Metal List of Products

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NEXT3D Material- For Fusion Additive Manufacturing
NEXTAIMET- High Performance Aluminum-Scandium Alloys
NEXTITANIUM- High Performance Nano-structured Titanium
NEXT-STEEL- High Performance Nano-structured Super-Steels
NEXTCERAMIC- High Fracture Toughness Ceramics

Both NEXTMetals and NexAlMet will use the new Fusion Additive Manufacturing (“Fusion AM”),

a very new solid-state additive manufacturing technique, to produce prototypes and commercial

production using our Advanced Materials. New metal alloys and ceramics with unique high-performance

properties can be manufactured into “near net shape” components with very fine

grain “worked” metals properties. We will produce the “unique materials” to quickly produce prototypes to deliver to our customers upon receiving CAD files of the component along with conditional purchase contracts.

New Fusion AM achieves very high performance “worked properties” which are better than

forged, extruded, and rolled products. This novel manufacturing process allows a trove of

application centric specialty materials with their own Intellectual Property for producing near net

shape products. The result is much superior to 3D Printed products, since those processes “melt”

the micropowders or wires to “in effect” make a cast product. 3D printing is like a “continuous

casting” and therefore results in properties of a “cast material”, which is definitely not as strong

or useful elongation as a “worked material”. The new specialty materials could also be sold as

the starter material to companies that adopt the new manufacturing technique.

• NEXTMetals Advantage: We have proprietary materials that exhibit very high performance

properties due to a very fine grain structure If we use the new Fusion AM method of

manufacturing it does not reset the grain structure as in a melted material, but instead further

refines the grain structure since it does not “melt” the material, but fuses the materials

together just below the melting point. This allows us to not only make the “highest

performance components” quickly, but actually improves upon all known processes for

wrought alloys and materials. Furthermore, we can develop and produce prototypes of many

more novel nano-structured alloys and composite materials.


• Fusion AM uses rods of Nano-structured Titanium, Nano-structured Special Steels, Novel

Aluminum-Scandium, Metal Matrix Composites, and novel Tungsten materials prepared and

supplied by NEXTMetals in Ukraine. Novel new special composite materials are also possible

to create “Engineered Materials” for specific applications.

• Acquisition of new Fusion AM machines from the USA for delivery in October 2019, will allow

us to make the prototypes, and fully characterize the properties for a specifications sheet for

each new material. This will be done with not only our existing proprietary materials, but to

test each new alloy and composite in a commercial prototype setting.

• NEXTMetals has developed several new materials, which today cannot

be economically produced, however with the Fusion AM, we can make

higher temperature alloys by adding Quasicrystals, or creating high

performance alloys by adding our new MAX Phases, as well as many

new metal combinations as well as producing metal matrix composites,

all without melting the materials so that we retain the unique properties

of each of the individual materials.

• Subsequently, we envisage setting up full production facilities in Europe and the USA as well

as supplying the special raw materials (the “ink”) from Ukraine to companies that adopt this

new production technology. The build rate of the current Fusion AM technology is faster than

most 3D printing.

• Customers include jet engine manufacturers, aircraft and aerospace companies, defense

product producers, armor systems, marine manufacturers, subsea device producers, oil and

gas industry components, performance and electric vehicles. Very large markets, with the

advantage that this Fusion AM technology beats the current growing market of 3D Metal

printing using lasers and electron beams with spherical micropowders and wire as raw


NexAlMet specializes in Aluminum Scandium alloys, utilizing our teams vast experience since

we first commercialized the alloy in the early 1990s. We produce the highest strength Aluminum

Scandium Alloys using the most advanced Severe Plastic Deformation (SPD) technology to

achieve amazing strength with high elongation aluminum scandium materials using Fusion

manufacturing from our unique rods used in the new Fusion AM system. We also produce novel aluminum alloys in spherical micro-powders and wire for 3D printing. For the following initial


• Ultra-high strength/high elongation Aluminum Scandium for the largest turbine blades at the

intake of jet engines, to fulfill a prototype agreement to be tested with agreed upon order as

soon as certified.

• Aluminum Scandium high strength extrusions and sheet for all transportation sectors, aircraft,

aerospace, including trains, and buses, and electric vehicles. Critical for the new rapidly

evolving electric vehicle and electric aircraft market in order to lightweight the structure to

accommodate battery weight.

• Aluminum Scandium for superstructures in marine applications, due to its low corrosion and

lightweight strength.

• Novel high strength Aluminum Casting Alloy for both casting as well as wire and

micropowders for 3D printing.

• Novel rods of Aluminum Scandium+, (with special metals and ceramics), which will be used

in the Fusion AM system, to alloy the rapid production of near net shape prototypes from CAD

files of unique forged strength Aluminum Scandium materials.

NEXTMetals has developed economical Nano-structured Titanium alloys which have better

performance properties that the standard titanium alloys. Such as the highest impact strength,

even at low temperatures while retaining high strength and excellent elongation. Such materials

are excellent for jet engines, aerospace, advanced aircraft, armor systems, subsea applications,

oil and gas industry components, etc. When we utilize Fusion AM, an entire new group of

advanced Nano-structured Titanium materials with very specialized properties (such as higher

temperature or higher modulus) can be quickly produced in components of almost any size.

NEXTMetals has developed economical Nano-structured Steels which have ultra-high impact

strength, or ultra-high hardness while still retaining acceptable elongation. These materials are

excellent for wear applications, defense applications, pipelines, oil and gas industry components,

mining and milling applications, etc. In advanced forms, significantly improved Inconel

components could be produced using Fusion AM.

Novel Nanostructured Ceramics for use in Armor Systems and for Ceramic Brakes for high

speed trains, performance cars, and aircraft using NEXTMetals technology. Very large market

for ceramic brakes that is well over $2 billion/year and growing.

• NEXTMetals nanostructured ceramic technology using economical materials, that requires

the acquisition of specific furnaces, mixing, grinding and polishing equipment to set up


• Armor systems using this Nano-structured Ceramic are extremely effective in defeating

“armor piercing incendiary projectiles” due to the very high fracture toughness of our

ceramics. Our armor systems use our Nano-structured Titanium and in some cases Nanostructured

Steels to achieve the lightest weight system to defeat the highest-level threats, as

compared to the best Swedish armor steel.









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