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  • Best Air Gantry
  • Best Air Gantry
  • Best Air Gantry
  • Best Air Gantry

Best Air Gantry

Price: $ 275,000.00


We are pleased to quote you on the “Best Air Gantry”.

The “Best Air Gantry” is one of the most economical machinery moving pieces of equipment developed over the years.  The unit was developed by Riggers, which know the ins and outs of equipment moving that is required in today’s factories.  This “Patent Pending” technology can be used by regular factory personnel in their day to day activities that will allow them to move most equipment on their own and save costs usually paid to outside contractors! 

The “Best Air Gantry” specs are as follows:

Self-leveling; Internal Weight Scales; Hydraulic Valve Brake Locks; Computer Controlled Gyro System Control for Hydraulics that control both units; Remote Control; 360 Degree Rotation; Electric or Propane Power; Range of Lift Capacity max; 242,000 lbs.; Lift Height to 23’; Propane Motor by Briggs & Stratton; Made in USA.

Total Machine Weight without I Beam Flange is approx.…16,000 lbs.

The “Best Air Gantry” comes with a (1) year warranty on parts and labor on all of the hydraulics valves and components.  There is no warranty on the air bag seals, but replacements seals are available if the Operator runs over sharp metal or any other foreign objects that will cause damage to the air bags.  There is an original equipment warranty by Briggs & Stratton on the Propane Motor for (5) years.

The price on the unit is $275,000.00, FOB Truck, Oklahoma City, OK.   The price on a 15’ I Beam Flange that includes the attachment rigging brackets is an additional $5000.000.  The price of a 30’ I Beam Flange that includes the attachment rigging brackets is an additional $10,000.00

Two individual hydraulic lift units utilizing two vertical mounted dual acting hydraulic cylinders each, connected by a beam between them at the top. The entire lift unit units float over the floor on an air cushion from an external air supply connected to one lift unit. External plumbing connects the air supply between the units. 

A crossbeam spans the distance between the beams on the two lift units from which standard rigging gear can be attached for controlled lift and lower of extreme weight.

Lift units are microprocessor controlled which coordinates the height of each lift unit to maintain the suspended load level despite changes in attitude or elevation of the floor under each lift unit. Linear motion of both lift units is driven by a center mounted drive wheel. The drive wheel is rotated by a hydraulic motor. The drive wheel is able to pivot 360° continuously using another hydraulic motor. All operations are controlled using a single, multi-function remote control unit similar to those employed in overhead crane operation. Drive and lift functions are automatically coordinated by microprocessor and gyroscope controls. An onboard propane engine drives both the hydraulic pump for all pump and motor operations and an electric generator for control power. Units are equipped with gauges to monitor load weight. Lift units cannot be operated separately.  

The terms are as follows: 50% down payment, and the balance at delivery and run-off at Oklahoma City, OK facility.


Dealers inquiries available.

This is a "Patent Pending" product and made in the USA...


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