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  • Equipment Financing For Canadians
  • Equipment Financing For Canadians

Equipment Financing For Canadians

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Provisio is an equipment leasing and finance company based in Vancouver, British Columbia Canada. Provisio specializes in both New and Used equipment, coming from the United States into Canada.  As a Broker / Lessor, we have our own pool of capital in addition we have access to various institutional lenders, private lenders, banks, credit unions etc.… across Canada. Having our own pool allows us the ability to structure "odd", "difficult" and "Story" credit deals with credit types ranging from “A” through “C-” and even brand new startups located anywhere in Canada. You can rest assured that since we do the finance we will take care of everything including

  • Financial paper  work & all  supporting documentation
  • Customs / Duties / Taxation
  • 100 % Pre-Payment to you prior the equipment being released
  • Insurance (we always fully insure the equipment for the full USA replacement cost)
  • Freight, rigging, special equipment, permits to move/deliver the goods.

You should also note that there is:

  • No upfront fees to your customers to get the financing.
  • No Fees to you as a company (no set up, holdbacks, deductions etc.…)
  • No recourse to you in the event of customer failure (i.e. customer stops paying, bankruptcy, etc...)
  • No Short paying of your invoice (you can get paid 100% upfront once the transaction has completed)

In addition, we will finance:

  • Brand New/Start Ups
  • challenged credit types

Please let me know if we can be of any assistance to you and your team on your next Canadian deal


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Anthony Carrol, Manager, Business Development

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EM:     acarrol@provisiofinancial.com

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