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We will customize your auction or liquidation to suit your individual needs more than 33 years of experience have taught us that each client’s situation is unique. Here are several ways that we arew able to meet and hopefully exceed your highest expectations.

Commission/Buyers’ Premium Auction Sales: This is the most traditional auction structure and presents a variety of options to suit your needs. While this program carries some potential risk, in a complete and successful liquidation it also yields the greatest return on investment.

Net Guarantee Auction: We will provide a cash advance prior to the sale and split the proceeds from sales participation levels over and above the net guarantee amount. A net guarantee auction combines the security of having a guaranteed minimum with the opportunity to maximize profits.

Cash Purchase: We will purchase all your assets – anything from personal property to real estate — for cash. This is the option with the least amount of risk. We have the resources to purchase assets up to seven figures and, with strategic partners, we can participate in purchases up to eight figures.

Orderly Liquidation:  Let us oversee sales as we liquidate over time — usually 3 to 9 months for an entire facility. We will manage all purchase negotiations and inquiries. We always keep you updated with details of the negotiations in a concise and timely fashion. Private negotiations may include one of the following:

  • Turn Key Purchase
  • Piece-by-Piece Purchases

Online Auctions: We will run an online auction and we will not charge your firm any fees whatsoever....that is correct, NO FEES TO YOU WHATSOEVER! We pay for the advertising (if no mailing brochure is requried by you); we pay for the auction service fees for the Internet. We have a database of 70,000 qualified potential buyers that will receive a m inimum of (2) e-mail notifications in regards to the details of the auction. We charge and retain a "Buyer's Premium" from the successful bidders....Your firm may add equipment to our "Consignment Auctions" as well, and again, no charges to your firm! You have nothing to lose, and gain a great opportunity to turn your surplus assets into usuable cash for your own cmpany needs!

Schedule a consultation with us to allow us to explain your options and help you decide which best suits your business needs.

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